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Frequently answered questions

How do I use/install Kaption?
Kaption is installed on your website just like Google Analytics or any other tracking script. Just add a small piece of code to your site via Google Tag Manager or html.
Does Kaption work with [type of website]?
Yes! Kaption works with any website that allow you to add your own scripts or HTML.
Is Kaption free?
Yes, Kaption offers a free analytics suite as well as an upgraded professional suite. The free plan includes many useful features including analytics, replays, heatmaps, and more.
Does Kaption play well with user privacy?
From the beginning, Kaption has been aware and compliant with current, new and upcoming laws regarding user privacy. It is fully compliant with GDPL and other statutes. To enable all features, like ab testing, personal identifiers are needed; however, which may require 'cookie consent' in some locations.
What exactly is Kaption?
Kaption is a feedback and analytics tool focused on customer experience optimization. You can create surveys, forms, etc and then track analytics data to understand your CX better.
Can I get my money back after I pay for the Pro solution?
Yes, Kaption offers a 14 day no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.